Graham Clan

House Fantasies

My wife and I had a wonderful time over Thanksgiving with her family, and a quick visit with mine as well. I discovered that I enjoy The Farming Game after playing it with the in-laws, and my family is enjoying training dad’s new puppy, Misha.

Meanwhile, Whittney and I have started to entertain buying a house. It seems we’re going to be in Pullman for the next 4 years (plus or minus 5?), and we’d like to not throw away that much money on rent. She found a way too detailed rent vs. buying calculator. It would seem, that so long as we find something more modest, we’d be better off owning a home after two to five years, depending on the price of the home, and whether we could buy one in time to qualify for the new homeowner’s tax credit.

So we’ve begun to entertain some fantasies about home-owning. I can think of a couple technical projects I could do to benefit. I could run Ethernet cables through the walls, and put in a HTPC (home theater PC) in the living room. I won’t feel guilty putting nails into the walls. Whittney would be way more excited than I am with the myriad of possibilities in home and yard decoration. Hopefully she wouldn’t go overboard …

Worst case scenario, we stay where we are, or find another place to rent if the rent raises too high for our liking. But we’re somewhat optimistic in hoping to find a small home we can stay in until I graduate.


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