Graham Clan

First Time

So this is my first time to use our blog. I guess maybe I am not a BIG blogger. I never know what to say…….

So I am thinking about going back to school. Not sure yet. I am looking into going back to school to become a sonographer. I just feel like I am needing to do something more with my life and I think this will help me feel like I am doing more, I guess.

I have looked into doing schooling online since there are no programs at the local colleges where I live. There is one in Spokane but that would be too long of a drive for this. There is a lady at my work (Pullman Family Medicine) that does ultrasounds on Wednesdays and Fridays. She said that she did some online classes and then got her training through Pullman Regional Hospital in town and then was able to go and sit for the registered DMS test in Spokane.

Still have not decided what I want to do with this though, I will have to pray about it and see what God has in store for me.


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