Graham Clan

My New Favorite Pastime

So I have recently found a new favorite pass time of mine….crocheting. Yes I know….I sound like an old lady but I really do enjoy this new hobby of mine. I have made 2 stuffed animals and 2 afghans so far. I started crocheting the beginning of the year and it seems to keep me busy while Jason is working on school work. I made Noah and Hannah stuffed animals for their FIRST birthday and for Mother’s Day I made my mom and my sister Ashley afghans. Here are the photos of these crafts I made.

"Hannah's Giraffe"

"Noah's Lion"

"My mom's afghan"

"My sister's afghan"

I have never crocheted anything before I’ve only knitted a scarf in the past. I bought some crochet pattern books and decided to teach myself. I have to say I am a pretty good teacher. I thought my first stuffed animals and afghans turned out pretty well. I am working on some baby gifts now. I know about 3 women that are expecting so I better get to work on these little gifts.


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