Graham Clan

Need to Vent

So I woke up this morning thinking that I would be able to relax and take it easy as I did not have work today. Well I sure was wrong on the relaxing part! So here is how my day ended up……

I woke up and was enjoying my breakfast when all of a sudden my dogs started going nuts and barking at the front door, then there was a knock at the door. I think, “who could be here? I’m not expecting anyone.” I go and answer it and it was some older man asking me to move my car. I ask “Why?” He was at our place to tear down our storage shed so that they could pour concrete down for the driveway. I told him I would be right out. I ended up calling Jason at work telling him that there were men here to tear down our storage shed and that we were never notified by our rental company of this. Jason tells me that I need to go and let them know that we were not notified. I go out there and let the man that came to the door know that we were never notified and his response was, “So???? This is my property and I can do what ever the hell I want to it.” I was like, “Okay!” So I moved the car and came back in and called Jason again and he said he would be home at lunch time to take all our stuff out of the storage shed. Jason comes home and takes all of our belongings out of the shed and ended up talking to the man and explained that by law we should have been notified before they started any of this and the man told Jason that he did notify the rental company that he planned on taking the shed down. (So here is a little bit of a back story, we were told by the rental company that the owner was thinking about tearing down the storage shed but they were not sure if he was going to actually do it or not. We have been going in about every other week since we moved in, which was in July, and have asked if they have heard anything from the owner. The rental company said that they were having a hard time getting a hold of him because he was out of the country. Well today Jason found out that the owner was never out of the country and they apparently have known since spring that the owner was going to take it down.) So after Jason talked with the owner he comes in the house and calls our rental company and left a message explaining what was going on and then heads back to work. Well later today he calls me while at work and said that he just spoke with our rental company and they told him that they only have to give us notification if someone is entering our place, but not if they are just outside in our carport or in the storage shed. I guess they don’t even need to let us know if they are going to tear down part of the property that we were using!?!?!?! Also Jason did let them know that the owner was never out of the country and were not sure where they got that information from. They didn’t seem to have a good explanation of why they told us this. So as I sit here telling you this the men are outside tearing down the shed and making a ton of noise and scaring my dogs half to death and I can’t seem to relax because I am just upset about the whole thing.

I just wish that there was some way we could get out of our lease. :( This rental company has been a headache to work with since day 1 of us living here and we have only been here for about 6weeks! Pretty sad!!! I just pray that it will somehow get better and somehow we will be able to last living here until our lease is up.

Anyways, I;m done with my venting! I should go get something to eat. All this built up frustration is making the girls hungry! :)


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