Graham Clan

Doctor's Orders

I woke up today with the same headache that I have had for the past 3days. I figured this was probably not normal, so I called my OB’s office. Well my OB doctor was out so I ended up speaking with the on-call doctor’s nurse. She got all my history of the symptoms I have been experiencing for the past few weeks, which included swollen feet, ankles and calves, slightly elevated BP, and this headache with some nausea. I explained to the nurse that I have a history of headaches pre-pregnancy and I was not sure if this headache was pregnancy related. I also explained that I have a strong family history of pre-eclampsia. She took all of the information and told me she would pass it onto the on-call doctor.

Later today I got a call from the nurse I spoke with earlier. She told me that the on-call doctor wants me on bed-rest and that today would be my last day of work effective immediately. I was also told that I needed to schedule a follow up with my OB doc for next week.

I didn’t know what to think. I was like, bed-rest? At not even 23weeks? I was surprised and a little scared since bed-rest has been ordered so early in my pregnancy. I was also bummed because I didn’t even get a chance to say good-bye to everyone I work with. I only had 2days of work left anyways, so I know it isn’t really that big of a deal. Thankfully my boss was really understanding and she was a little bummed that I wasn’t even able to say good-bye either. I still have to go pick up my things from the office so I will be able to go in and hopefully say good-bye to some of my co-workers.

I guess I am just glad that I have a great group of docs who are looking out for me and the babies. I pray that God will allow these babies to stay in long enough to grow and be healthy enough to enter this world. I have a great support group down here in Pullman as well. Jason and I have a lot of church friends that will look out for me. I have Jason and my family to look out for me as well. I’m trying to look at this with a positive attitude. God has shown us our true friends throughout all this. :)

Also all this happened on Jason’s birthday. I feel so bad that we had to get this kind of news on his birthday. We were still able to celebrate with friends and I did make his cake before finding out about having to be on bed-rest. Plus Jason was able to finally open his gift, which he has been trying to figure out what it was for the past week and a half. I got his a home theater surround sound system. Now he can finally watch Star Trek and hear it! ;) HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASON!!!! :)


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