Graham Clan

Easy Fried Bananas


Ripe Bananas
Spring Roll Wrappers
Cooking Oil


  • Place half a banana in the center of the spring roll wrapper. Have the spring roll wrapper diagonal
  • Bring the sides of the wrapper in towards the center
  • After bringing in the sides, begin to roll by tucking the bottom end of wrapper over banana.
  • Tuck the end under banana and continue to roll to the end.
  • Roll until banana is completely wrapped. Secure by dipping fingers in a little water and wetting the end to “seal” it (like an envelope).
  • Carefully place wrapped bananas into about 1 inch heated cooking oil. The oil is hot enough when bubbles begin to rise from the bottom of pan. Or test by dipping end of wrapped banana in the oil - if it sizzles and begins to fry, it is ready. As you fry, reduce heat to medium-high to prevent oil from overheating and splattering.
  • Bananas are ready when they turn a golden brown. Remove from heat and place on a clean kitchen towel or absorbent paper.
  • Enjoy fried bananas while still hot - they’re excellent straight out of the pan! Add vanilla ice cream or whipped cream on the side for a perfect dessert. Or for an extra treat, top with a drizzle of chocolate sauce. ENJOY!


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