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Winter Onederland Birthday

Today was the girls very first birthday party. Seeing as they are only 1 year old I figured I could get away with doing a Winter Onederland Birthday themed party. We decorated the house with, of course, Christmas decorations. (This made decorating for their party super easy). We had a gingerbread house, tissue pom poms, candy cane lights, ribbone candy, sparkly snowflakes, and much much more. Since the party started at 11:30 we decided to serve Chili for lunch with all the fixings, cheesy corn muffins, cheesy icecycles (aka Pirates booties), hot dogs for those that wanted chili dogs, water and raspberry lemonaide for drinks. For dessert we had Hot Cocoa with Marshmellow mousse cupcakes, Tutu pink raspberry mousse cupcakes, Apple Spice Egg-nog mousse cupcakes, mitten sugar cookies, coffee, and a hot cocoa bar with all the fixings.

The guest list consisted of family and friends with Grammy, Grampy, Uncle Tyler, Auntie Ashley, Uncle Colin, Cousins Noah, Hannah, and Clara. As well as Uncle Billy, Aunt Bonny, Cousins Alyssa, Kayla, Dani, Bailey, and Kylor. With Jason’s family-Gran, Grandad, Uncle Trent, Uncle Nathan, Aunt Jenny, Uncle Andrew, Cousins Aleksa and Parker, Great Grammy, Great Grandnana and Great Grandpapa. Our friends-Todd and Erica, Tim, Ali and Saige, and Cam, Crystal and Stella. Of course not everyone was able to make it. We missed Grandad, Great Grandpapa, Uncle Andrew, Cousins Aleksa and Parker, Uncle Billy and Cousin Kayla and Kylor, and friends Todd and Erica and Tim, Ali and Saige. We still had a lot of fun though. :)

The girls got a lot of different and fun gifts from everyone. They got a lot of clothes for the coming months, a cool train toy, a drum, awesome push strollers, foam pads, a wagon, a quilt from Mommy, and a push toy from Daddy and Mommy.

The girls got to taste their first real sweet on their birthday party day which were yummy cupcakes made by Grammy! Oh my goodness, did these girls enjoy them or what!!! I think now that they had experienced sweets they will be asking for more!

After everyone went home, it was time for the girls to take a nap as they were crashing after their sugar high! Daddy and Mommy decided to rest after cleaning up as well. It was a long day, but a very good day! Happy Birthday to the most amazing and sweet girls I know! We love you very much!

Here are some favorite photos from the party!

Thank you to everyone that was able to come and celebrate in the joy of these two wonderful girls!


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