Graham Clan

Its The End Of The World As We Know It

So today is supposably the end of the world as we know it per the Mayans. Well I decided to allow the girls to go out with a bang since it was the end of the world anyhow. :P

I decided today I would embark on a new journey and allow the girls to discover real food! If you know me and my many fears of real food for babies, you would understand that this was a BIG step for me! I allowed the girls to try NOT only mac n’ cheese but also peas, carrots, and peaches! OH MY!!!

Well the end result was that Felicity did not like the peas, carrots or peaches. She did however like the mac n’ cheese, but only to lick off the cheese off the noodles. Nikolette on the other hand was more adventurous and tried everything. She was doing just fine until she came across a pea and decided that the texture was just not for her, lets just say that not only did the pea come up, but everything with it as well came up. Poor thing! Well now I know they can handle real food and I can start allowing to further myself in that direction of trying new things. We will continue on to try new foods and try to stay calm about it. :)


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