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Noah & Hannah's 4th Birthday

Today we celebrated Noah and Hannah’s 4th Birthday! They had a Dr. Seuss birthday theme! So cute!

The decorations we so cute and creative and the food was so yummy! The cupcakes were scrumptious!

Ashley, you really out did yourself! You did such a wonderful job!

Here are some photos of the celebration.

Creative idea to reuse Christmas wreath. Love it!

Birthday Girl

Birthday Boy

Waiting for guests to arrive

Fun Dr. Seuss sayings

Grab a hat!

Yummy Cupcakes

Yummy Cupcakes

Birthday Kiddos

Bennett Family

Hannah and her Hello Kitty slippers

Grampy and Felicity

Grammy and Nikolette

Hannah’s Jelly Bean blue mouth!

Nikolette riding in her car.

Nikolette having fun watching her cousins ride their new bikes!

Felicity having fun watching her cousins ride their new bikes!

Auntie Melissa made Hannah and Clara a hair clip holder to hang up in their rooms. So cute!

I made Noah, Hannah, and Clara a pillow mat to lay one while they watch movies. I also made them a fleece blanket. They loved them!

Nikolette enjoyed the gift I made for Noah, Hannah, and Clara too! I will need to make one for Felicity and Nikolette. Jason said he need one too so he can be comfy while watching Star Trek! :)

Grammy and Grampy with the grandchildren!

We had a fun time celebrating with you Noah and Hannah! Happy 4th Birthday! We love you!


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