Graham Clan

Park Day Fun

Today we went over to our friend Ali and Saige’s house for a playdate. Ali’s house is in walking distance to Kruegel Park. We loaded our little ones into their strollers and headed our way down to the park. We all had fun swinging and running around the playground at the park. Felicity and Nikolette were having so much fun that they did not want to head back to Ali’s house for lunch.

Here are some photos from our fun day at the park.

Little Saige

Felicity swinging

Stella and Nikolette swinging

All four babies, Felicity, Nikolette, Stella, and Saige

Nikolette, Stella, and Saige

Little Felicity

Little Nikolette

Felicity running free

Nikolette wandering around

Felicity and Stella on the Merry-Go-Round

Ali and Saige on the Merry-Go-Round



All the babies

Felicity and Nikolette

Nikolette and her pinecone

What a fun day!


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