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Jason's Birthday

Today was Jason’s birthday. He really wanted Pad Thai and Curry for dinner, so that is what I made. He also made a comment last year at the girls first birthday and then again at my nieces and nephew’s birthdays saying, “Why is it that when you get older you don’t end up getting to have a themed birthday party anymore.” So with that being said I decided to do a semi-themed party for him, Star Trek! :) I reminded him of this comment and he later told me that he forgot that he said that and thought it was funny that I did a semi-themed birthday party for him. He seemed to enjoy it.

Here are some photos from our day of celebrating Jason!

Semi-decorated table

Pad Thai


Nikolette enjoying her Pad Thai, Curry and rice

Felicity enjoying her Pad Thai, Curry and rice

Jason enjoying his birthday dinner

Jason is really excited about his Star Trek Catan!

The girls found a spider on the screen door to the slider door and had to show us and tell us about it. They were so excited. We ended up singing the “Itsy Bitsy Spider” with them and talk to them about the spider. It was the first real bug they had seen and got to experience. It was really cute. I got a video of it. I will have to post it sometime when I figure out how to post videos on our blog.

It was a good day! We are so blessed to get to celebrate another birthday and we look forward to celebrating many more together as a family! :) Happy Birthday Jason! We love you!


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