Graham Clan

Labor Day Weekend

This weekend my sister Ashley, her husband Colin, her three kids Noah, Hannah, and Clara and also my brother Tyler came down for a visit on Saturday. We had a fun day of fun! We went to the park and let the kiddos play. Felicity and Nikolette had a lot of fun! They had so much fun that they were in desperate need of a bath when we got home for lunch. :) We had lunch and the three little ones went down for a nap. Noah and Hannah got to enjoy a movie while us adults played the game “Headbandz!” Such a fun game! After nap time we all got ready to go the Moscow pool. We all had so much fun! The girls remembered the pool from when we went on Father’s Day weekend. They ran straight into the water. After an hour an a half of fun at the pool we ended up heading back to the house to have pizza. All the kiddos got pjs on so they would be ready for bed. It was a day full of fun!

Here are some photos from when we went to the pool on Father’s Day weekend. I was unable to get photos of the girls enjoying the pool this weekend. Hope you enjoy these ones though!

Felicity enjoying the water

Nikolette getting a life-jacket to go in the deeper end of the pool

Nikolette with Dada

Nikolette and Dada

Felicity enjoying the water! She is such a water baby!

Look what Felicity and Nikolette got into after our yummy pizza dinner! Our the joys of having twin 20 month olds!


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