Graham Clan

Decorating For Autumn

I’m not sure how excited you are about autumn, but boy I am SO excited!!! I always look forward to pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks and getting to wear boots and sweaters. I love all the change that seems to happen when autumn comes. From kids going off to school to the change in weather and the change in the colors of the leaves. It just leaves me so happy! I also enjoy getting to decorate for autumn. I don’t have many decorations for this season, but I do think that these add a little festive touch to our home.

Happy Autumn!

I have some pilgrim figurines and when Felicity saw them she went over to the boy one and pointed and said, “Dada!” and then went over and pointed to the girl one and said, “Mama!” I was pretty impressed since she knew which one was a boy and which one was a girl. :)

Front porch decorations


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