Graham Clan

My Parent's 30th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

This weekend we celebrated my parent’s 30th wedding anniversary. Their anniversary isn’t till October 29th, but we wanted to celebrate with them so we decided to celebrate early as a family. They are such an inspiration! They have been through so much and still have stayed strong and united! We love them so much, so we wanted to celebrate the BIG 3-0 with them!

One of my parent’s wedding photos. They look so happy!

The beautiful table all set

Pretty rose centerpiece

We enjoyed lasagna, garlic bread, corn, and caesar salad for dinner.

We ordered a beautiful tuxedo cake from Marsell’s Cakes! It was so good and it turned out beautiful!

Yummy funfetti cupcakes for the kiddos!

The happy couple after 30 years of marriage! :)

Dessert time!

Felicity enjoying her cupcake!

Nikolette enjoying her cupcake!


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