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Baby Boy Graham's Nursery Transformation

This past weekend my dad and mom came down to help Jason and I get the nursery for Baby Boy Graham set up. Jason and my dad built the crib, dresser, and changing table and moved a TON of furniture around until I was happy with the way things looked. :) The theme of the nursery is planes, trains, and automobiles.

Here is what the room looked like before the transformation.

Here is what the process of the transformation looked like.

Jason and my Dad building the crib.

Everything built and arrange the way that I wanted it. :) The girls checking out Baby Boy Graham’s room for the first time since the change.

Crib bedding put on

My mom and I found this quilt with a bumper that matched at a baby second-hand store here in Pullman, so my parents and brother purchased it for us. The cool mobile that my parents and brother got us. Baby’s dresser This lamp use to be Jason’s and his mom gave it to us to use in the baby’s room. We were also given some drawings that Jason drew as a child to hang up in the room as well.

It is still a work in progress as we still need to decorate the room with pictures and some knick-knacks. We also need to purchase a blind for the window before putting the valance up.

We were so lucky to have my parents come down to help us set the nursery up. If they didn’t come then I am not sure how all of this would have gotten done. Thank you again Dad and Mom! You guys are amazing! :)


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