Graham Clan

Schmidt Thanksgiving 2013

My parents flew back into Spokane today after their unforeseeable trip to Corn, OK for my Dad’s Dad’s funeral, so we celebrated Thanksgiving a couple days late with them. My sister hosted and we had some yummy food and we were able to celebrate family.

Here are some photos from our Thanksgiving celebration with my side of the family. :)

Noah and Hannah being silly

Felicity spilt a cup of water on her outfit and was unset that she was wet, so I put her skirt and shirt in the dryer and this was her outfit for a little while. She looks like she is from the jungle with this getup on. :)

Enjoying another Thanksgiving dinner :)

Felicity had so much fun playing with this toy. She played with it for like 30minutes straight!

Grammy with Nikolette and Clara

Nikolette was so excited to see Grammy.

Nikolette loves Hannah’s room

Miss. Clara

Miss. Hannah

Felicity loved playing in Hannah’s closet. :)

Nikolette thought Daddy was a bouncing pad

Felicity starting to look tired

Hannah and Nikolette tackling Grampy

Apparently if you lay on the floor a Nikolette will think you are a bounce pad

Grammy with Felicity and Hannah

We are so thankful that we have family to celebrate the holidays with and to share in the abundance of good food, good company, and silly children. Thanks be to God for all the blessings He has bestowed upon us.


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