Graham Clan

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Today the girls turned 2 and we had a wonderful barnyard themed birthday party. A lot of wonderful people were in attendance to help us celebrate Felicity and Nikolette. We served lunch and our menu consisted of- “hay” (potato stix), pigs in a blanket, “garden” (grapes and little cutie oranges), and chicken feed (homemade mac ‘n’ cheese). The desserts were puppy chow, “cow pies” (no bake cookies), pretty pink cupcakes, banana peanut butter toffee cupcakes, and root beer floats. The girls received so many wonderful presents and they loved and are enjoying everything they got. Thank you so much to everyone that came and celebrated Felicity and Nikolette with us. We are so blessed to have so many people to show love to our girls.

Here are some fun photos from the girls party.

Birthay decorations

Girls enjoying a Sesame Street before guests arrive

Girls still waiting for guests to arrive

The girls enjoying birthday lunch

The girls little friend Lainey enjoying the birthday lunch

The girls little friend Saige enjoying some birthday lunch

The girls second cousin Kylor enjoying the birthday lunch

Birthday dessert

The girls birthday cupcakes

Singing “Happy Birthday”

Felicity trying to blow the candle out

Enjoying their cupcakes

Opening birthday presents

Cousin Clara! :)

Tissue paper fun!

Little Clara

The girls little friend Stella

Happy Birthday Felicity and Nikolette! I hope you girls had a wonderful and fun day! Daddy and Mommy love you very much! :)


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