Graham Clan

New Year's Eve

Since Jason had to work, the girls and I decided to stay in Spokane for New Year’s Eve. It was a relaxing New Year’s Eve with my parents. We had Papa Murphy’s pizza and watched “The Lone Ranger.” I fell asleep before midnight, which I figure is to be expected given that I am 33 weeks pregnant. ;)

The girls had a pretty relaxing day as well. They enjoyed some pirate’s booty for snack!

Then they got to have some play time.

Felicity found a rain boot and decided to collect toys in it.

I think Nikolette was ready for bed before her actual bed time. She likes to pretend to sleep and she will pretend to snore as well. So cute!

All in all it was a good New Year’s Eve and 2013 was a good year as well.

Summing up 2013 for us: * The girls had their first Easter egg hunt. * The girls went to the pool for the first time. * We celebrated 4 years of marriage. * We found out we were pregnant with our 3rd baby. * We found out we were having a BOY! * The girls enjoyed the park several times. * We bought a new family vehicle. * We played in the snow as a family. * The girls turned 2!

It was a great year and I pray that 2014 will be a great year as well. Happy New Year!


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