Graham Clan

Celebrating My Birthday

I woke up today and it was a very frosty day!

I actually started my birthday off by having to go to the ER for what the doctor thinks was an allergic reaction to this iron pill I started a couple days ago. Such a weird and strange way to start off your birthday.

Jason was awesome and took care of the girls today for me and he was very doting on me! I got an awesome pots and pans set from him, which I cannot wait to use. :) He went and picked up Sella’s for us to have for dinner and he made me some chocolate cresent rolls for dessert! So sweet! Thank you Jason for making my day special!

We also got to watch a movie together as a family. We watched Mulan and the girls loved it. They knew when bad things were happening in the movie and they would look at us and say “OH NO!” so cute!

Girls sitting with their Daddy and while watching Mulan!

My dessert that Jason made!

My parents got me a beautiful bed set and Jason helped me put it on our bed this evening. I love it! :)

Thank you Jason for helping me out today and letting me have a very relaxing and lazy day. I really enjoyed a relaxing birthday at home with my family. I love you guys!


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