Graham Clan

Graduating to Toddler Beds

Jason and I knew this day was coming, but we both were hoping it would come after Baby Weston was here. Nikolette had different ideas. Yesterday she decided to try and climb out of her crib at naptime; however it resulted more in skydiving out of her crib as she fell and hit the ground. Thank the Lord she is okay! The girls cribs convert into toddler beds, so when Jason got home from work he started working on converting them to toddler beds.

When Jason was done we showed the girls their new beds. They were so excited, especially when they realized that this meant more freedom for them.

They even had to check out each other’s beds as well.

Enjoying storytime with Daddy on Felicity’s bed.

After we read some stories it was time to go to bed in their new big girl beds! It sure is an experience to try to keep two 2year olds in their own beds at bedtime. At one point Nikolette ended up on Felicity’s bed reading a book to herself while Felicity was asleep. Thankfully Felicity slept through it, but I am not sure how to do this 2year olds sharing a room and while learning to stay in toddler beds.

I just hope they get better at this new routine of naptime and bedtime in their new beds. I do have to say that it was really hard to see their cribs transformed into toddler beds. My babies are no longer babies anymore! They are definitely toddlers now! My babies are growing up too fast!


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