Graham Clan

Backyard Woes

We are trying to find a way to turn our backyard into an outdoor play area for our kiddos. Our dilemma is that we have a retaining wall that was built to extend our yard, but now we are facing trying to find a way to make it safe play area for our girls.

Here are some photos of our backyard. You probably cannot get a good idea of how our backyard really looks due to all the snow, but hopefully you can get the idea.

The sides of our backyard slope down

Here is a view of our retaining wall that extended our yard. There is a straight drop at the edge of the retaining wall.

We have thought about putting up a fence to block off the edge of the retaining wall and have the fence extend all the way across. I thought a short picked fence would look nice, but am unsure if that is the best way to go. I also have seen where people have put up a fenced play area up in their backyard where their kids can play safely. I also thought maybe a bush privacy fence would look nice as well, but I am unsure if that would be the safest choice for the kids. We are also hoping to put up a dog run on the side of our house in the backyard. We also plan on cleaning up the sides of the retaining wall and also below the retaining wall. We thought it would be best to kill of the grass in those areas and just put rocks down.

Any advice or ideas that you have to help us figure out how to start planning our backyard project would be very much appreciated! We want our yard to look nice but also be safe. We are hoping to work on this once spring is here.


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