Graham Clan

Happy Valentine's Day!

We had a fun Valentine’s Day packed full of yummy food and fun activities!

I made Valentine cupcakes

I also made chocolate covered pretzels for Jason

Valentine’s for Jason!

Valentine’s for the girls from Jason and me!

Valentine’s from Grampy and Grammy!

We had Berry Kix for breakfast!

The girls then got to open their cards from Grampy and Grammy and also got to check out their Valentine Elmo books from Daddy and Mommy!

The girls reading their Elmo books

Felicity loved her card from Grampy and Grammy!

So much that she did not want to give it up to enjoy her Valentine cupcake!

Nikolette sure enjoyed her cupcake!

We then used stickers and paper to make some fun Valentines

We then enjoyed some yummy french toast roll ups for lunch. Nikolette sure enjoyed them.

After naptime our friends Ali, Saige, and Everett came over to play. Saige and the girls really enjoyed running around and playing with their baby dolls. Once Jason got home we enjoyed a yummy dinner and then it was time for bed. The girls got to open the cards from Jason and they sure loved them! Jason and I were able to relax and enjoy some time together and got to enjoy our Valentines to each other. Jason enjoyed his chocolate covered pretzels and I enjoyed some of my mini Reese peanut butter cups. So yummy! Hope everyone else had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!


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