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Due Date

Today is my due date and I am so ready to have this baby! I have been dealing with pretty consistent and strong contractions that seem to pick up at night since around 35weeks pregnant. They tend to wake me up at night and I have a hard time getting back to bed. I thought yesterday might have been the day as I woke up with contractions at 7am and they ended up getting stronger as the morning went on so I went into Birthplace to be checked out. Sure enough I was contracting but my body was not progressing, so they sent me home. I came home and continued to still have contractions all through the night and woke up this morning with them gone!

I ended up going in for my follow up appointment with my OB and she checked me and I had barely progressed. I had been at a 2cm for 4 weeks and only progressed to 2 1/2cm. My OB told me that I am just a really good baby incubator, especially since I went to 38 weeks with the girls and was not progressing well when I went in to be induced with them. She basically was telling me that since my body needed help to progress last time that I might need help again this time since my body does not seem to be doing it on its own again. I am looking at scheduling an induction later this week with the hope that maybe my body will go into labor on its own before the scheduled induction. Weston just seems to be really comfortable and not ready to enter this world. Hopefully he will decide to grace us with his presence here in the next few days.

My belly growth! :)

Felicity decided she wanted to be in the pictures and Nikolette helped snap the photos! ;)

This was taken the morning that I went in for my scheduled induction of the girls. My belly measured at 52cm and I was only 38weeks pregnant.

This was taken on my actually due date with the girls.

I am really fearful of him being a big baby as the girls were pretty big for twins. The girls were close to 7 lbs each and were born at 38weeks gestation, since I am 40weeks now I am worried this baby might be close to 9 lbs! My belly is measuring right were I should for a normal pregnancy, so maybe he won’t end up being that big. I will just have to wait and see. Praying that Weston will decide to come in the next few days. I am ready to meet him and hold him. :)


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