Graham Clan

Weston John Graham

Weston John Graham arrived on Thursday February 20, 2014.

Since I was past my due date I was given the option of scheduling an induction. My body did not seem to be progressing on its own so Jason and I decided to go ahead and schedule me to be induced at 6:00am on Thursday February 20th.

Before we headed to the hospital to be induced!

When I got to the hospital they were not able to start my pitocin until about 9:30am.

I was still not progressing like I should at 2:00pm so I decided to go ahead and get an epidural to help my body relax so that it could progress like it should.

My blood pressure started to drop and I got the shakes and was really cold so they wrapped warm blankets all around my body and head. :)

All my IV meds and fluids.

It was touch and go there for a little while as my OB doctor said I was two contractions away from having a C-section due to Weston being in distress. Thankfully Weston decided to come and he arrived at 7:38pm and was 8 pounds 4 ounces and 21 inches long. He is perfect!

Weston got his first bath the next morning.

My mom brought Felicity and Nikolette up to meet their baby brother on Friday. They did not seem as interested in Weston as they were their balloons that Grammy got them. :)

Pullman Regional Hospital does a complimentary gift of a lunch or dinner, ice cream cake with drinks, or a fruit basket. Jason and I chose to do the dinner on Friday night. They set up the table in our room and it looked so fancy. It almost felt like a date! ;)

I am so happy he is finally here and am so thankful everything went well and that he is healthy. Thanks be to God for our third little blessing!


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