Graham Clan

Date With Nikolette

I have been missing my girls and have been wanting to spend some one-on-one time with them, so I ended up taking each of them out on a special date with me. Jason watched Weston and Felicity today so that Nikolette and I could have some special time together.

I think Nikolette was excited to get to go somewhere with Mommy!

Nikolette kept asking about Felicity when we were in the car.

We went to get frozen yogurt first.

When we got there I realized we were a little early as they were not open yet, so we waited in the car until they opened. We read a book in the car.

Enjoying some frozen yogurt!

We then went to the pet store. Nikolette picked out some dog toys for Beau and Sadie. We then went to the Dollar Tree and Nikolette picked out a special toy for Felicity and herself. She picked bead necklaces. :)

We then headed home and showed the dogs their new toys. We also got the beaded necklaces out and played with them.

Weston just hanging out. :)


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