Graham Clan

2 Week Appointment

Weston had his 2 week appointment today. He is doing really well! He has a clean bill of health and won’t need to be seen again until his 2 month check. His doctor was amazed at how strong he is and she could not believe that he rolled over two times yesterday already. :)

  • He weighed in at 8lbs 15oz. He is in the 55% for weight.
  • He is measuring 22inches. He is in the 90% for height.
  • His head circumference is 37cm. He is in the 47% for head circumference.

Weston all bundled up and ready to head home after his appointment.

Later this evening I decided to try out my moby wrap to see if Weston would like it. I was unable to get much use out of the moby wrap when the girls were little, because well there were two of them and they did not seem to care for it as much. Weston seems to like it so far.

I still can’t believe how great Weston is doing!


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