Graham Clan

Blowing Bubbles

Today was our mock trial run of what it will be like once Jason is back to work next week.

Felicity, Nikolette, Weston and I hung out and Jason was close by in case I needed so extra assistance.

Jason joined us at lunch time and when lunch was all done we decided to do some bubble time before the girls needed to lay down for a nap.

The girls got to brush up on their bubble blowing techniques.

Felicity wanted to go check on the little man before going down for a nap.

Since the girls took their socks off at naptime(like they always do) :) I decided to put mix-match socks on them like their cousins Alyssa, Kayla, Dani, and Bailey. ;)

Little man was awake and checking things out when the girls got up from nap.

I am really hoping and praying this first week on my own will go as well as today.


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