Graham Clan

On My Own

Today was Jason’s first day back to work, so I was on my own with all three little ones today.

The girls did good for me today even though they did not want to nap for me.

We just hung out at home. I had a hard time keeping Weston up during his waketime today.

Felicity and Nikolette were not sure what to think of Jason going back to work. They were a little fragile today. I think they missed their Daddy! I also just realized that they girls I dressed the girls in green today and didn’t even plan on it. Guess it was a good thing, since it is St. Patrick’s Day today! :)

The dogs were not sure what to think about Jason being back at work today.

The girls enjoyed lunch! They had cheese, black beans (Nikolette was so excited about black beans), grapes, sweet potato, and tortilla.

Thankfully Weston rested while the girls ate their lunch and I was able to get some lunch as well. Thanks little man! :)

Weston decided to stay awake for tummy time later today.

The girls enjoying some snack after their “nap”

We then waited for Jason to get home from work and we had some homemade Mac ‘n’ Cheese, hot dogs, and grapes for dinner. :)

We all survived! The girls were dead tired by bedtime, they didn’t even want to do story time which is not like them. Here’s hoping tomorrow goes just as well or even better. :)


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