Graham Clan

Park Fun

Jason and I decided to take the girls to the park today since they decided to not nap for us. We thought that they would run off some energy and we were hoping that would tire them out for bedtime at least. It all started out okay…..

We walked over to the playground.

The girls enjoyed swinging!

Weston slept while the girls played.

Jason enjoyed swinging with the girls too!

The girls started to fall asleep while swinging, so Jason and I decided to try to get them to go down the slide, but they would not have any of that. This resulted in us having to leave early and end the fun at the park. I was hoping the girls would be able to enjoy the park for longer. I am hoping we will have a better experience next time we go to the park.

On another note, Weston is getting so much stronger. He now can hold his head up for a longer period of time during tummy time. Sadie also likes it when Weston is doing tummy time. :)


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