Graham Clan

Baby Shower For Weston

Jason, the girls, Weston, and I headed up to Spokane today for a baby shower for Weston. My mom, sister, and my aunt put this shower together to celebrate the birth of Weston. It was so nice to get to celebrate his birth with friends and family! We got to enjoy some fun games, yummy food, and sweet baby Weston! He sure was a hit with everyone! ;)

All the yummy food!

The beautiful diaper cake my sister Ashley made for Weston!

There were cute decorations! These were some baby clothes that my nephew Noah wore when he was a baby and Weston got to wear them for the first few weeks of life.

Clara and Weston

Hannah and Weston

Ashley, Grammy, Hannah and Weston

Sweet baby Weston

All smiles!

Thank you to my sister Ashley, my mom, and my Aunt Bonnie for this wonderful shower honoring Weston and me! We had a lot of fun and felt very much loved! :)

This was our first trip to Spokane as a family of seven (this is including our 2 small dogs). I can’t believe how packed our car was for just one overnight! I knew we would be adding more to our load once Weston was here, but I guess I just didn’t realize how much more luggage we would have, but it was nice to get to see everyone. We will have to see how future travels with all of us go and when its just me and all the babies. :)


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