Graham Clan

Craft Time

Craft time seems to be a big hit here at the Graham house! The girls love to color! Nikolette insists that she colors with the red crayon. She will not color with any other color.

Yesterday we did a few Easter crafts. We colored a Easter egg coloring sheet and I decided to be brave and have the girls do footprint crosses. It was a little tricky doing this craft with the girls by myself, but I managed and the girls actually liked having their feet painted! Felicity even helped me paint her foot!

Felicity’s footprint cross!

Nikolette’s footprint cross!

Weston’s little footprint cross!

Today we practiced cutting paper! I had them use some of my scrapbook scissors that are safe for kids. :) They seemed to enjoy trying to cut the paper.

We did sticker time as well!

Weston was being a big flirt during craft time!

So many smiles! I love this little man!

After craft time the girls got to enjoy their flashlights! They practiced learning about off and on, which they seem to be pros at! ;)

And just for fun, here are a few pictures from my phone of my little smiley babies! :)


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