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Schmidt's Easter 2014

(This is a picture overload blog post). :)

We went up to Spokane to celebrate Easter with our families. We celebrated Easter with my family today. We enjoyed some pizza for lunch and then we had dessert. The kids enjoyed some yummy cupcakes my sister made and the adults enjoyed a yummy coconut cake my mama made.

I think Felicity likes chocolate frosting

Nikolette loves cupcakes

Miss Clara and Miss Hannah enjoyed their cupcakes too!

The pretty cake my mama made!

Then the kids got to open their Easter gifts from my parents while the Easter Egg Hunt was being set up in the backyard.

The kids really enjoyed the Easter Egg Hunt! The girls really liked it this year.

Getting ready to hunt for Easter eggs

Weston wishes he could hunt for Easter eggs :)

Silly Hannah

All the kids minus Weston

We then were able to get a few family photos before heading into the house for the girls to go down for a nap.

Sweet babies!

The Bennett Family

Silly Jason!

Sweet little man

Mama and Meggy

Miss Clara

Girls enjoying the outdoors

Colin and Hannah

Colin and Noah

We then enjoyed a yummy grilled hamburger meal and then took the girls in the backyard to play before bedtime. They really enjoyed playing outside. I can’t wait till we are able to get our backyard set up so its safe for the girls to play outside.

Felicity loves pickles

Nikolette loves ketchup and fries

Enjoying some time outside

Weston liked it too

We then got ready for bed and the girls enjoyed a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse before going to bed.

Weston enjoying some play time himself

It was a fun day!


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