Graham Clan

Spokane Visit

I had a couple of appointments in Spokane this week, so the kids and I went up to Spokane. Yes that’s right! I traveled with two 2 year olds and a 2month old by myself! It was my first time traveling with all three kids. It was interesting to say the least!

We did have fun visiting Grammy and Grampy!

One tired Mama

We even got to see Auntie Ashley, Noah, Hannah, and Clara!

Felicity loved this tulip

Felicity fixing the tree!

She took dead leaves and put them back on the tree by stuffing them in the tree bark.

Clara singing “Let It Go”

Weston really likes the outdoors

The day we left I decided to take the kids out in my parent’s backyard to play so they would nap on the car ride home. They had so much fun!


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