Graham Clan

Two Month Check

Today was Weston’s two month check up and Felicity’s doctor wanted us to bring her in for another height and weight check. Jason met us at the doctors office and while we waited for Jason to get there the girls and I made silly faces at one another. They love making silly faces now!

Felicity’s height and weight looked better from her last check was about a month ago. * She is weighing 25lbs 10oz (20% for weight) * Her height is 34in (25% for height)

Weston has grown so much since his two week check. * He is now weighing 12lbs 5oz (55% for weight) * His height is 24 7/8in (92% for height) * His head circumference is 40.5cm (54% head circumference)

He loves to coo and smile when you talk to him. He is so much stronger and is able to lift his head more while doing tummy time. I have been working on his neck and back muscles by having him sit up after feedings. This allows him to have a better view of his sisters. He loves to watch them play. :)

I can’t believe he is two months old already! He is so much bigger than the girls were at this age.


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