Graham Clan

Three Months Old

Weston is three months old today! I can’t believe it has been three months already! He has gotten so big. He can still fit in 0-3month outfits as long as it is short-sleeve shirts and shorts. He is too long for 3 month pants.

He now giggles and smiles all the time, especially in the morning. He has been sleeping through the night since the end of last week (hopefully he will keep that up). He is a very happy baby, especially in the mornings. He is always talking to himself or his mobile in the mornings.

I think he has been trying to crawl as he has been tucking his knees into his chest during tummy time and then he lunges himself forward.

He has found his thumb and definitely seems to be a thumb sucker.

I love this little man! I am definitely trying to soak up all the little things.


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