Graham Clan


Haven’t posted a lot in awhile. The kids have been up to a lot. This post will be a bit overloaded with photos and videos of the kids.

The girls learned how to open the dresser drawers and found all the clothes in them. Jason baby proofed them that night. Thank the Lord for him!

Photos of the kids.


Felicity and Weston

Building blocks with Weston

Taking pictures!


Nikolette loves to vacuum

Felicity just likes the tubing on the vacuum. :)

Weston has been enjoying his teether toys

The girls also learned how to keep Mama out during nap time.

I found hula hoops at the dollar store and this is what Felicity did to one of them in a day of playing with it.

Nikolette and Sadie


The girls found a new hobby, putting stickers on the wall. :)


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