Graham Clan

Six Months Old!

Weston is 6 months old today! He has been doing so well! He loves eating solids. So far we have done rice cereal, bananas, avocado, oatmeal, sweet potato, pears, apples, and carrots. He seems to love it all! He is a eating champ! We won’t be going in for his well child check until mid September, but I am sure he is close to 16 pounds by now.

He is moving all over the place now. He hasn’t quite got the crawling down, but he has found a way to get from here to there by arching his back to move forward, and then he rolls and turns to get to what he wants. He is one active little boy.

He is a true boy as he is easily distracted.

I was trying to feed him but he was distracted by his awesome sisters.

He also is able to sit up on his own for a longer period of time and he is enjoying toys more as well.

My happy little man!

He is growing so fast! I am soaking up all the little moments and can’t wait to see what new things this little man will do.


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