Graham Clan

Happy Halloween!

We stayed home this year and handed out candy to trick-or-treaters. The girls got to wear their owl costumes (since they did not get to wear them to the church Harvest Festival again this year) when they got up from naptime and watched the Curious George Halloween movie.

Weston didn’t have a costume this year, but he had a really cute owl dressed as a pumpkin onesie. I was tempted to dress him in Nikolette’s first Halloween costume, but I figured teenage Weston would not appreciate knowing he was dressed as a ladybug. :)

I made some yummy finger foods for dinner.

We had Jack o’ Lantern Pizza

Little Smokey Mummies

Halloween Hors D’ourvres

Nikolette really enjoyed helping hand out candy to all the kids that came to the door all dressed up. She also enjoyed wearing her owl costume.

We ran out of candy early and so we had fun with the trick-or-treat bowl.

Trick-or-Treat Weston!!!

We might try and venture out and trick-or-treat next year!


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