Graham Clan

Three Years Check Up

The girls had their 3 years old check up today. They had their blood pressure check for the first time and they did great. They also had to have a vision checked. Felicity did great with naming the pictures that she could see, but Nikolette did not feel comfortable doing the vision test. They also had to wear a gown for their appointment and I did not realize how excited they were going to be about wearing a gown. They called them a “pretty dress!”

So silly that they loved wearing this! :)

They sat so nicely while the doctor looked in their ears and checked their teeth. It was fun watching them interact so well with the doctor. They are growing up way too fast!

Here are their stats:

* Weight: 28lbs (23rd percentile)
* Height:36.5in (30th percentile)

* Weight: 26.5lbs (10th percentile)
* Height: 36.75in (45th percentile)

Overall the girls look good and are healthy. Sadly they ended up having to get a shot. We thought they were all caught up on their vaccines, but it looked like they somehow missed one. They did pretty well getting their shots as well.

Weston also had to have a weight check today as he is gaining weight slowly. (Most likely due to him not eating especially well.)

Here are Weston’s stats:
* Weight: 17lbs 15oz (8th percentile)
* Height: 29in (63rd percentile)

At least gained some weight since his 9 month check.

I wish I could slow time down a little so I can enjoy their littleness stage a little longer. I love this kids!


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