Graham Clan

Christmas With Gran & Grandad

We celebrated Christmas with Jason’s family today. They made the long drive down to Pullman to visit us and celebrate with us.

While the kids napped we played Blokus. Once the kids got up we had dinner and then played.

The girls enjoyed playing ball with Gran and Grandad.

Jason and little Weston.

Gran and little Weston.

We then opened up presents. They girls had so much fun opening their presents and they even helped open Weston, Jason, and my gifts.

After presents, the girls played ball again. Uncle Nathan was awesome with playing ball with them.

Once everyone left, the girls decided that they wanted to wear their pretty dresses.

Felicity wanted to wear her dress over her dress. It made her dress a little poofy.

Nikolette had the right idea and changed into her dress.

Weston has been walking along the furniture a lot lately.

We decided to watch “Mickey Mouse Once Upon A Christmas” before bed and the girls enjoyed the yummy popcorn Uncle Nathan got them. Weston also got a couple bites as well.

What a fun day!


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