Graham Clan

Gingerbread Houses!

We continued our family Christmas festivities today.

Before decorating our gingerbread houses we enjoyed some yummy breakfast.

Nikolette requested a cinnamon roll and scrambled eggs for breakfast.

Felicity enjoyed some Life cereal.

Weston enjoyed his cheerios.

After breakfast the kiddos enjoyed playing with Weston’s toys he got for Christmas.

We decided to decorate some gingerbread houses while Weston napped this morning. Decorating gingerbread houses has been a tradition for Jason and me, so we decided this year to include the girls since they are older and really enjoy arts and crafts.

I found a gingerbread house kit that came with 5 mini gingerbread houses. I thought this was perfect for our little family.

Jason constructed the houses for us. I figured he would be up to the task as he is an engineer and all!

Building Felicity’s house.

Felicity waited very patiently for her house.

Felicity’s house

Felicity really enjoyed hogging all the candy and really decorated her house. It turned out really pretty!

Felicity decided to eat her house when she ran out of candy to decorate with.

Nikolette’s house

I made a house for Weston with the candy that was left.

Jason and my houses ended up as casualities.

“Ta Da!!!”

After decorating gingerbread houses and naps the girls got to try playing Wii with Daddy.

Weston hung out in his jump and bounce.

He then enjoyed moon crawling and got a little stuck. Thankfully he thought it was hilarous!

It was a fun day! The girls really enjoyed decorating their gingerbread houses. I think this will be a tradition that we will enjoy as a family for years to come.


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