Graham Clan

New Year's Eve!

We started off the day by meeting up with my sister and her girls at a jump and bounce place. It had a bunch of bounce houses in two different rooms.

Nikolette was unsure of the place when we first showed up. I think she was scared of all the noise. She finally warmed up. The girls had a blast and really enjoyed playing with their cousins.

After a fun morning at the jump and bounce place, we ended back to Grammy and Grampy’s house and had a yummy dinner.

The girls had some more fun playing with their cousins.

Weston got to enjoy some fun play time with cousins as well.

Hannah enjoyed showing Weston how the car ramp worked.

Weston really liked the light that would light up on the car ramp.

Enjoying dinner.

The kids got to enjoy some Doc McStuffin after dinner.

We then enjoyed some yummy treats and Jason had a very deep conversation with all the girls. ;)

Sweet baby Lucy.

My mom, dad, Jason, and I enjoyed playing the Farming Game once Felicity, Nikolette, and Weston went to bed.

Jason was trying to negotiate with my mom during the game.

The dogs were pooped and did not want to stay up till midnight.

Weston woke up to give everyone a New Year’s kiss.

This was my New Year’s kiss!

Then I got a real one. :)

We had a fun filled day and can’t wait to see what this new year brings.

Happy New Year! And now for bed!


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