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Weston's Bow Tie Bash

(For warning. Your computer is about to be overloaded with photos. Sorry I tried to narrow it down, but I had a hard time.)

Today was Weston’s birthday party. We celebrated with family and friends 2 weeks early. We had a “Bow Ties Are Cool” birthday party theme.

Here are some pictures of the details from the party.

Homemade bow ties and a package of fruit snacks were the party favors.

The dessert table

Yummy Tuxedo cupcakes with vanilla frosting (made with love by Grammy)

Apple of Mama’s Eye cupcakes with salted caramel frosting (made with love by Grammy)

Chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting (made with lov by Grammy)

Bow Tie Treats and a giant “1” treat

Chocolate Top Hats and Bow Ties

Our game: “Pin the Bow Tie on Weston”

The Food Little Man Munchies (aka chips and chex mix)

Wet Your Whistle with some lemonade or water

Little Franks Jackets (aka hot dog buns for our “Little Franks”)

Little Franks Assortments (aka hot dog toppings) We also had Bow Tie Mac ‘n’ Cheese and Weston’s Choice “aka apple sauce squeeze pouches.”

Our Little Mister’s chair

The dashing little man of the hour.

Jason and our Little Man

Nikolette in her birthday party duds

And Felicity in her birthday party duds

Little Walter

Hannah and Weston

Grammy and Clara

Grammy and Felicity

Grampy and Weston

The food was a hit!

Weston really enjoyed his food!

Little Noah

We then enjoyed the “Pin the Bow Tie on Weston” game

Then it was time for singing “Happy Birthday” to Weston, which he loved, and enjoying cupcakes.

He also enjoyed his cupcake.

A LOT!!!

Little Lucy

Present time!

Weston wasn’t sure what to do, so he let the big kids help open the gifts.

After presents the girls enjoyed playing “Ring-Around-The-Rosey” with their cousins.

Weston enjoyed some Grammy snuggles before heading off to take a nap. This little man was a trooper and lasted the entire party before needing to take a nap.

We had so much fun celebrating this Little Mister! I love him so mcuh and still cannot believe he is going to be 1 in 2 weeks. We are looking forward to celebrating many more birthdays.

Thank you Dani for all the amazing photos from Weston’s Bow Tie Bash. I will treasure them forever!


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