Graham Clan

Weston's Birthday

Today was Weston’s first birthday and I had plans to go out with the kids to celebrate, but we ended up staying home to Felicity and Weston not feeling up to par today.

We started our day off with the girls and I waking Weston up and singing “Happy Birthday” to him. He didn’t seem to care too much for that.

The kids and I hung out at the house and I tried to keep this little man happy, but he just wasn’t having it.

I finally got a smile out of him when he was practicing his walking skills.

Nikolette practiced her singing and sang “Happy Birthday” to Weston (and some other songs).

We then had homemade pizza for dinner, which seems to be one of Weston’s favorites.

We finished the night with ice cream and presents.

We got Weston a dump truck, some summer outfits, and a new bath toy. I think he liked the tissue paper more.

He got to try out his new bath toy tonight and then it was time for bed.

It was a great day celebrating him. Happy Birthday little man! We love you!


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