Graham Clan

Weston's Growth

Weston had his 12 month check today. He is looking good overall other than he is still needing to gain more weight. It is so weird to me that he is in the low percentile for weight, because he eats so much. I think he works it all off as he is always on the go. This little man is faster at crawling now. He is still walking along furniture and walls but has stood by himself for several seconds. I think he is getting closer to walking. He is starting to talk a little more. He can say a few words and enjoys collecting toys just like his big sister Felicity.

Here are his stats: * Weight: 18lbs 15oz(4th percentile)
* Height: 30.5in(72nd percentile)
* Head Circumference: 46.5cm(53rd percentile)

This poor little man ended up getting 4 shots. He was a champ though.

I love this sweet boy!


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