Graham Clan

Princess Party

We got to go to Hannah and Clara’s Princess Party today. We had so much fun and the girls have not stopped talking about it.

Clara all dolled up in her Anna dress and even has Anna hair.

Felicity in her Elsa party dress.

Nikolette in her Anna party dress.

We enjoyed watching Frozen while we waited for all the guests to arrive.

Once everyone made it, we went to the party Palace and enjoyed some yummy snacks, we sang “Happy Birthday” to the birthday girls and enjoyed some yummy cupcakes, and then they opened presents.

Nikolette was not in the party mood. She did warm up towards the end of the party.

Prince Gabriel and Prince Noah

Princess Anna and Princess Elsa made a surprise visit.

The told a story and the birthday girls were crowned.

Anna and Elsa then did Princess hairdos for all the girls. We had to talk Felicity and Nikolette into having their hair fixed. They ended up only getting the special Pixie Dust.

Nikolette was unsure of her Pixie Dust hairdo.

Anna and Elsa then played some games with the kids and then taught them how to be a good Princess

Princess Lucy hung out and watched all the action.

The girls were not interested in the games. They just hung out and played with their cousins toys.

Finally, a smile.

The kids got to write a special note or draw a special picture for one of Elsa and Anna’s friends, such as, Tinkerbell, Ariel, Snow White etc. Felicity on the other hand said her special drawing was for Princess Niki. Too cute!

We then did some photos with Anna and Elsa and they also wrote a special message on a crown for the kids.

I was surprised Nikolette was okay with sitting with Anna and Elsa for a photo.

These were the best photos I could get of Felicity with Elsa and Anna as she was too fast for me to snap one before she got up to show me her crown.

We had so much fun and I asked the girls what they thought of the party and Nikolette asked for a Princess party and Felicity asked for a Princess Minnie and Princess Daisy party. I think we will have to try to come up with something like that for their next birthday party. Happy Birthday to Clara and Hannah! Thanks for a fun time!


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