Graham Clan

Easter Celebration Continued

THe church that Jason attended when he was younger was putting on a community Easter Egg Hunt at a community park today. We took the kids to it this morning. It was so cold and their were a lot of kids there. Weston hung out in the Ergo while the girls looked for eggs. It was his nap time and he did not seem interested in participating.

The girls only ended up getting one Easter egg.

We went to Jason’s parents house after the Easter Egg Hunt and we enjoyed a yummy brunch.

The girls really loved Gran’s soft fuzzy pillow.

Jason and I stopped and bought some candy and Easter eggs from the store so we could do another Easter Egg Hunt at Gran and Grandad’s house. Nana and Papa really wanted to see the girls do an Easter Egg Hunt and since the girls only got one egg at the community hunt we decided it would be a good idea to do another one.

Felicity stops and opens up her egg to see what is inside before she decides if it is worthwhile to keep. I think this is why she does not end up with many eggs.

After brunch and another Easter Egg Hunt and a nap we headed to Auntie Ashley’s house to decorate Easter cupcakes.

Felcitiy really liked the frosting.

Weston just enjoyed a cupcake.

Noah, Hannah, and Clara wanted to show us their play of Jesus’ resurrection.

We then headed back to Grammy and Grampy’s and the kids enjoyed some pizza and took a bath and headed to bed. They needed their rest as they had a really busy day and they are going to have another busy day tomorrow.


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