Graham Clan


Happy Easter! He is risen!

We enjoyed a nice Easter service at my family’s church and Nikolette and I really enjoyed the worship music. Nikolette kept asking me for more songs. So cute!

We went to Autnie Ashley’s house after church for a yummy Easter feast. We enjoyed some yummy ham, potato casserole, broccoli, fruit salad, rolls, and deviled eggs. It was all so yummy.

We then enjoyed another Easter Egg Hunt. Weston was taking a nap as he was trying to catch up on some sleep. Felicity and Nikolette both we opening all the eggs they were finding and dumping the treats out on the ground. They kept asking where the chocolate was, so Jason and I explained to them that there were chocolate treats in the eggs. Once they realized that they decided to collect the eggs and the treats the threw on the ground.

The kids enjoyed playing for a little bit before we had dessert.

The girls had fun playing some basketball too.

We enjoyed several yummy desserts and then we let the kids play downstairs for a little bit before we had to leave. Weston woke up and was happy and was up for playing finally. I was so happy to see my little man happy for a little bit, especially since he has been pretty fussy for the past several days due to teething I believe.

We were unable to get a family picture due to it being busy and kids not feeling up to having their picture taken. I think we will have to tryfor a family picture later this week.

I hope everyone else had a blessed Easter. Happy Easter! He is risen! He is risen indeed!


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