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Star Trek Baby Shower

My friend, Erica and I through a mutual friend, Crystal (who is a trekkie) a Star Trek themed baby shower today. Having a trekkie for a husband came in handy when trying to come up with ways to make this not so much a trekkie party, but a trekkie fused baby shower party. I had a lot of fun coming up with some ways to incorporate Star Trek sayings and make it fit for a baby, like here is one that was our welcome sign.

and for the party favor sign

I also made a baby guest book for Crystal to have for Benjamin’s baby book. I had cut out stars for guests to sign and I glued them on at the end of the shower for her.

I also really enjoyed making some posters

This was a fun game that just got everyone involved and it was a Star Trek themed game. The poster has a picture of Dr. McCoy from Star Trek on it and there is a famous saying of his from the show, “I’m a doctor, not a….__” however he feels like feeling it at the time. So I make some word bubbles and asked guests to fill in a bubble to finish the saying. It was fun and Crystal got to take it home to look at for later.

I also tried to incorporate the Star Trek Enterprise. I tried to make a diaper cake to look like the Enterprise, but sadly I could not get it to look like it, but my hubby said it did look like one of the ships from the show. Score!

The other Enterprise I made was an embroidery thread Enterprise.

I also made embroidery thread planets to surround the Enterprise. We hung them from the ceiling using twine.

We also hung up some of Weston’s baby clothes that matched the colors of the theme. It gave it that baby feel that we needed.

Erica made Crystal this gorgeous Star Trek flag banner. I absolutely love it! It really gave the room the extra Star Trek feel that it needed.

This was a mid morning baby shower, so we did brunch food items for the menu. We had coffee (regular and decaf), an orange juice cocktail (which consisted of orange juice and gingerale), Earl Grey Tea, and water for drinks. We had to throw in some more of the Star Trek theme for the food names as you can see. My hubby helped me with this.

For the food we had Fruit Salad, Stuffed Breakfast Biscuits, Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins, Blueberry Muffins, and Cinnamon Rolls.

It was such a nice group of women and we had a wonderful time celebrating Crystal and Baby Benjamin. We enjoyed some fun games while we were enjoying the yummy food.

We also enjoyed playing a fun game of interactive Bingo while Crystal opened her presents. Its a game where you write down on your Bingo card of what you think the guest of honor will get as a gift and if she happens to get something you wrote down then you mark it off. Whoever gets a Bingo first is the winner. It was super fun!

Erica, Crystal and me and Weston. The hostesses and the guest of honor.

It was so fun putting together a fun themed baby shower. I hope everyone had fun and I had so much fun celebrating Baby Benjamin and I can’t wait to meet him!


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