Graham Clan

TRANSFORMERS-Not For The Faint Hearted!

While Weston and I were busy at Crystal’s shower today, Felicity and Nikolette got to enjoy a fun date with Daddy. He took them to Bonkerz to play, then they went to McDonald’s for lunch, and finished the date off right by going grocery shopping for Mommy. I have such a sweet hubby!

While at McDonald’s ordering their lunch, the girls shocked Daddy and the cashier lady by requesting the transformer toys for their happy meal prize. Those are our girls! Always surprising us. No they did not want the frilly and fancy pink little ponies, they wanted the dinosaur and monster (as they call them). They seem to have enjoyed their choice. So cute and funny!

I also captured a gorgeous sunset from this evening. God’s creation is true beauty. No one can recreate it. This photos do not do the sunset from this evening justice.


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